Doorstep Loans – finance the old fashioned way

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed In this digital age we have all become used to living much of our financial lives online. From applying for credit cards to looking for personal loans, we’re much more likely to tap everything into a computer and set up automatic repayments rather than make face-to-face contact with those we are borrowing from. However, this isn’t the only way to handle your money, as doorstep loans (also called ‘home collected loans’) offer a more personal type of finance, the old fashioned way. What are doorstep loans? It’s normal to apply online for doorstep loans but that’s the only part of the process that is not completed face-to-face. After the initial application an appointment is arranged so that an agent can make a home visit to go through the various options available and for the lender to make some further checks. There’s never any obligation at this stage and all good doorstep loans agents will simply set out the choices and answer questions about


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