Here’s the future of online banking security

By: Oliver Jones Apr 04, 2016 Here’s the future of online banking security If you’re the kind of person who has only just got used to the fact that you can open your iPhone with your fingerprint then you might be about to get rather a shock. Technology advances at a fast pace and tends to have the effect of leaving behind those who don’t get on board with its concepts. While ideas such as opening a door with your eyes and using blood samples instead of passwords might seem like the stuff of a 1960s sci-fi film, there are plenty of examples in the world around us of these kind of ‘fictional’ developments slowly becoming a reality. Selfie pay Have you taken a selfie? If you have then you’re probably pretty familiar with the various methods for getting the perfect shot, from a downward angle to using the various filters that are available. Soon, however, selfies will have a bigger part to play in our daily lives than just showing off on Intsagram or snapping a ‘fitspo.’ E-c


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