6 Ways to Earn a 2nd Income in 2016

By: Alex Hartley Apr 28, 2016 6 Ways to Earn a 2nd Income in 2016 Whether you’re looking for a second income to cover basic bills, or saving for something specific, that little extra cash each month can come in really useful. In 2016, thanks to the breadth of opportunities to earn both online and off, there are many ways in which you can supplement what you already have – as long as you have a plan. Below are 6 strategies to help you successfully earn a second income this year. 1. Rent out what you own Everyone is trying to economise these days and whether that means finding a cheaper B&B or renting, rather than buying, equipment for a photoshoot, the idea of borrowing has created lots of ways to generate a second income from what you own. Books, camera equipment, speakers, bikes, clothes and shoes are just a few of the items that are easily rented out via sites such as Rent My Items. If space is what you have to sell then you can make even more of an income – for example, rent


7 Ways to Claim Free Products Online – Every Week

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed When it comes to products there are some clever ways to get your hands on genuinely free stuff – even the so-called “free lunch”! Whether you’re on a budget and trying to find ways to economise, or to get certain products that you really resent paying through the nose for, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to get these for free online. And if you’re looking to try before you buy then the Internet is a goldmine of opportunity. So, how do you claim free products online every week? 1. New product launches When big brands start producing new products, the first thing they tend to do is send out samples. This has the joint purpose of enabling the brand to get some sense of what people think of the product and also creating a customer base for its launch. The easiest way to stay on top of the samples that might be available is to subscribe to newsletters for the brand in question, or sign up to one of the many offer aggregation websites that will notify yo

7 Ways to find really affordable flights

By: Alex Hartley Apr 20, 2016 7 Ways to find really affordable flights When it comes to holidays and trips overseas, the most significant cost is often getting there. Flights can be incredibly pricey, especially to further flung locations, such as the Caribbean and the USA. However, you don’t need to let cost and distance stop you from adventuring, as there are some simple ways to find genuinely affordable flights. 1. Search in private browsing mode You may have noticed that when you’re trying to find flights, if you don’t buy the first time you start looking then the price gradually increases. Although this may seem like other customers are buying up these precious seats, it’s actually just a trick to push you into panic buying the flight at the current price. Browse for flights incognito in Google Chrome or Safari by pressing Command (or “Control” if using PC) and then Shift, N. In Firefox or Internet Explorer it’s Command (or “Control” if using a PC) then Shift, P

10 things you should never pay for!

By: Oliver Jones Apr 18, 2016 10 things you should never pay for! In an era of austerity and growing corporate manipulation you would be forgiven for thinking that everything has a price and nothing is free – but you’d be surprised to learn that this is isn’t the case. 1. Wi-Fi There are free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the UK, in all major cities and particularly in areas where there are significant concentrations of students or businesses. Wi-Fi is key to making sure that you don’t go over your phone contract data allowances and can be essential for anyone without Internet access at home. From public buildings, to cafes, and even buses, you’ll find free Wi-Fi wherever you see the radar symbol. 2. Social media One of the biggest communication revolutions of our time, social media has proven itself to be a fundamental for individuals and businesses. It can open up job opportunities, promote products, connect old friends and forge new networks and – for now, at least – it’s free.

Doorstep Loans – finance the old fashioned way

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed In this digital age we have all become used to living much of our financial lives online. From applying for credit cards to looking for personal loans, we’re much more likely to tap everything into a computer and set up automatic repayments rather than make face-to-face contact with those we are borrowing from. However, this isn’t the only way to handle your money, as doorstep loans (also called ‘home collected loans’) offer a more personal type of finance, the old fashioned way. What are doorstep loans? It’s normal to apply online for doorstep loans but that’s the only part of the process that is not completed face-to-face. After the initial application an appointment is arranged so that an agent can make a home visit to go through the various options available and for the lender to make some further checks. There’s never any obligation at this stage and all good doorstep loans agents will simply set out the choices and answer questions about

6 reasons why people use car finance

By: Oliver Jones Apr 11, 2016 6 reasons why people use car finance According to Sainsbury’s Bank car buying index, figures collated towards the end of 2015 showed that 53% of those planning to buy a car over the next six months were going to use some form of personal finance to do it. Credit cards and personal loans were among the top types of finance on the list and we have also seen a significant rise in the numbers of us using specialist car finance packages, such as Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). But what is it about buying a car on finance, rather than purchasing outright, that makes this such an attractive option? Flexible payments For most of us, the primary reason to use finance to purchase a car is the element of flexibility that this introduces. The cost of a car in the UK is steadily rising and could be the same as – or more than – the deposit for a property. This makes it almost impossible for many people to buy a car outright. However, a set

Why your pension could be at risk

By: Alex Hartley Apr 07, 2016 Why your pension could be at risk For many of us, there has been little positive economic news to shout about in recent months and the pensions issues that emerged in February of this year have given us even more cause for concern. It was reported widely in the news that thousands of people could find that they end up losing savings put aside for pensions as a result of the new auto enrolment schemes that have been introduced by the government over the past couple of years. What’s happened? Thanks to the Pensions Act 2008, every employer in the UK now has an obligation to make sure that certain staff are enrolled into a pension scheme, and contribute towards it  On the face of it this seems like a great idea. However, the industry regulator – the Pensions Regulator – has said that a number of these pension schemes, in particular the smaller ones, could end up collapsing, which would mean that anyone who had their savings in one would lose everythin