Apps that can earn you money

By: Oliver Jones Mar 29, 2016 Apps that can earn you money There’s an enormous range of smartphone apps that can help you earn extra cash for relatively little effort. We live in an age where technology is ultra accessible. 70% of the UK population has a smartphone and for the majority this is their main means of accessing the internet. We can all communicate, create and promote with access to a global audience and a wide range of resources. So with this trend in mind what apps will pay you for the use of a little of your time? Downloading and testing apps You can get paid for helping app developers create and refine their products – test out the latest technology and at the same time get paid for your input. There’s a variety of different apps you can download that will give you access (such as appxpert) and you can be paid in cash via PayPal (minimum payout £5). The process is simple too – download and sign up to the app, take part in an investigation and then get paid for ev


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