Haggling – just not cricket?

By: Oliver Jones Mar 14, 2016 Haggling – just not cricket? When we think of haggling it tends to be in the context of markets on foreign shores, perhaps good naturedly arguing over the price of a piece of fabric or a snow globe. In British culture, haggling is fairly frowned upon and few of us would even think of querying the price of something when it’s put in front of us. We assume that the cost is the cost and, perhaps, that there is some authority that has set this price that cannot be questioned. In actual fact, this is not the case at all – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go into a shop, even a large chain, and query why the price of an item is set at a certain level. Recent initiatives from enormous brands have proven that it’s possible to get price reductions – for example the Tesco Brand Guarantee, which gives customers who speak up about a product they have seen cheaper elsewhere a discount at the till. While you may see this as just another cynical marketing e


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