How to save £1000s this year from life’s small stuff

By: Alex Hartley Mar 09, 2016 How to save £1000s this year from life’s small stuff With 2016 well under way if you’ve so far failed to get your finances under control, and you’re really keen to do so soon, then budgeting and cutting back are important first steps. You may think that you’re already making all the savings that you can when it comes to your spending but there is always room to cut back a little more. We’ve got a few suggestions for small changes you can make in 2016 that together will save you thousands, rather than a few hundred, per year. Make your own brew Yes, your daily latte (or double dose of lattes) might seem like a little luxury but if you drop the habit you could be saving yourself £5-6 a day. That’s upwards of £20 a week, £80 a month and almost £1,000 a year. Swap your shop bought caffeine consumption for supplies at the office or go old school and bring a thermos from home. Be wary of multibuys We tend to see signs offering us any kind of disc


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