How your home can give you an income

By: Oliver Jones Mar 07, 2016 How your home can give you an income Property is the asset that most of us in the UK aspire to. In fact, it might even be fair to say that it’s something of a national obsession. However, once you’ve managed to get a foot on the property ladder it can feel like something of an anticlimax – yes, you have the bricks and mortar, and in this market their value is increasing by the day, but you’ll only benefit from that when you sell it, correct? While the biggest gains to be made from property do happen when you find a buyer, that’s not the only way to use your home to create income. Here are a few other ideas as to how you might be able to make the roof over your head pay. Take in a lodger If you have a spare room sitting empty then why not offer it to someone looking to pay to have a roof over their heads? According to you can make around £90 a week from having a lodger and with very little overheads other than the mortgage you al


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