The art of “good” borrowing

By: Oliver Jones Feb 29, 2016 The art of “good” borrowing Debt is something that most of us have become accustomed to, but how do you stay in control of it – how do you borrow “well”?. While borrowing – loans, payday loans, credit cards etc – beyond your means is never a good idea, using debt to help take advantage of life’s opportunities can be really useful. Good debt vs. bad debt Essentially, the art of good borrowing is based on the distinction between good debt and bad debt. Good debt is the kind that is an investment in your financial future – this will leave you better off in the long term, allow you to deal with a short-term issue or shortfall, and there will be a specific reason as to why you want to use the debt in the first place. Most importantly, good debt is not going to have a negative overall impact on your finances in the long term or leave you in a financial hole that you are unable to get out of. Planning is key Borrowing money is a great way to do many things


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