Valentine’s Day – how to be romantic on a budget

By: Alex Hartley Feb 11, 2016 Valentine’s Day – how to be romantic on a budget It’s almost the most romantic day of the year again – although the cost of the average Valentine’s Day can be a sticking point. Roses suddenly double in price, if you want to book a restaurant then get ready to pay a hefty fee for a set menu, and if you’re thinking about splashing out on artisan chocolates then anything in a heart shaped box is likely to cost you at least twice the price of something less romantically wrapped. This cynical profiteering is particularly hard to take when it comes to something like love – if you don’t go for the whole ‘flowers and dinner’ package then the implication is that you just don’t love that person enough…isn’t it? The cost burden of Valentine’s Day has traditionally fallen on men although a more egalitarian approach in recent years has turned the day into a gift giving event of epic proportions. Forget the single rose that might have sufficed in


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