Hacks, scams and frauds that could affect your finances

By: Oliver Jones Feb 09, 2016 Hacks, scams and frauds that could affect your finances We live in a fluid digital age where few of us are really aware of the real risks when it comes to everything from identity to finances. In reality, all hacks, scams and frauds have one thing at their focus: to allow the hacker or fraudster to get their hands on something that belongs to someone else, whether that is money, possessions or documentation. Most of us coast through our lives without even being aware of most of these threats – until the worst happens and we find ourselves at the centre of one. So, what hacks, scams and frauds do we need to be aware of and how can we stop the worst of the impact? Phishing Probably one of the most common scams, phishing was also one of the first digital attacks and has remained one of the most effective fraudster tools. It essentially involves a fraudulent email or message designed to look like a genuine communication from a sender you might recognise, su


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