How to minimise your energy bills

By: Oliver Jones Jan 14, 2016 How to minimise your energy bills There are many advantages to reducing your energy bills this winter – not only will you cut the amount you need to pay to utilities companies but you will also have a positive impact on the environment too. But how do you do it? Don’t use standby mode According to the Energy Saving Trust you can save around £30 a year if you don’t leave your appliances on standby when you’re not using them – turn them off at the plug to stop the energy drain. Shower smarter There are lots of savings to be made on energy when it comes to the bathroom – if you shower for one minute less every day you could shave around £10 a year on energy bills, per person. An water efficient shower head soon (which you can fit if you have a shower fed straight from your boiler or hot water tank) pays for itself with savings of nearly £70 a year in a four person household. Buy a thermostat Heating our homes is one of the biggest energy expen


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