How to avoid the (financial) winter blues

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed Is January the most depressing month of the year? Christmas is over, it’s cold and grey, you might be submitting your tax return, you’re out of cash after Christmas, you’ve gained a few festive pounds…the list of reasons why this part of winter is no one’s favourite time of year could go on and on. You probably have a few to add yourself and if you look around you, the grim stares on most people’s faces will confirm that others are feeling the same. However, while on paper this may be a fairly challenging time, you don’t have to suffer with the winter blues, as we’ve got some tips to help put a smile back on your face again. See family and friends As many of us are trying to save money at the start of the year, or perhaps attempt a ‘Dry January’ or introduce a new fitness regime, we often sacrifice friends and family visits, particularly if these usually involve eating or drinking. However, this is exactly the time of year that you need y


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