New Year health & fitness on a budget

By: Oliver Jones Jan 04, 2016 New Year health & fitness on a budget The new year is a fantastic time to start something afresh, whether or not you make resolutions. As well as your own motivation, you’ll have the inspiration of seeing plenty of other people around you undertaking the same mission to get fitter, to lose weight and to generally get into a shape that makes life a bit more fun. However, for a large number of us, the prohibitive cost of buying workout gear, joining a gym or paying for classes can mean all those positive plans soon fall by the wayside.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way as there are plenty of low cost resources available to make sure your new year plans don’t fall flat. 1. YouTube You may be under the impression that YouTube is simply a place to watch music videos or other people’s cats falling off the back of sofas. While there’s plenty of this kind of content on the video channel, it’s also a great resources for all things health and fi


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