What to do if Christmas cost too much this year

By: Alex Hartley Dec 31, 2015 What to do if Christmas cost too much this year While figures from a recent YouGov survey indicate that many of us intend to spend less this year on Christmas than we did last year, we’re still looking at a cost of £796 on average for each of us over the festive period. There’s no doubt that Christmas is probably the most expensive time of the year – once you add up the spend on food, drink, presents, travel and decorations you are left with a huge bill that can feel unmanageable. The problem is that it’s Christmas and we don’t want to miss out – which can lead to some fairly reckless spending. So, what can you do if Christmas cost a bit too much this year? Cut back It’s the most obvious solution but if you’re short as a result of the festive spend then don’t panic as making a few savings over the coming months can help you get back on the right side of the financial line. Rather than taking any drastic steps, try a few subtle money sav


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