The Boxing Day sales – what to look out for

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed We’ve had Cyber Monday and we’ve had Black Friday but all savvy shoppers know that this isn’t the end of the sales as far as the Christmas period is concerned. Boxing Day is the traditional start of sale season and remains one of the best opportunities to get some incredible bargains on everything from electronics to beauty and fashion. If you’re planning a trip to the sales this year then here are a few tips. Be ready before Boxing Day As irritating as it is, retailers are always surprising us with sales these days and Boxing Day is no exception. Some stores kick of their ‘Boxing Day’ sales well in advance of the day itself – for example, last year Debenhams started its Boxing Day sale on Christmas Eve. Harrods is probably one of the few sales that still starts on Boxing Day itself and this one is worth queuing for – if you’re in the line when the store opens at 8.30am on Boxing Day then you can expect a red carpet, a celebrity and free hot choc


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