15 great money saving ideas

By: Alex Hartley Nov 30, 2015 15 great money saving ideas We’re approaching a time of year when temptation to spend money is everywhere. However, whether you want some inspiration for keeping your costs down during Christmas, or you’re planning your approach to saving in the new year, here are 15 great ideas to get you on your way. Stop smoking. This is a great new year’s resolution on its own but also a fantastic way to cut down on your monthly budget, particularly given that tax on cigarettes is only likely to continue to rise. Grown your own. Whether you’ve got acres and acres of land or a few window boxes you can save yourself cash by planting and growing some of your own crops. It’s worth noting that fresh herbs are one of the most expensive ingredients that we spend out on and take up just a small amount of space to grow. Use discount designer websites. Particularly if you have a lot of love for designer garb there are plenty of sites where you can get your favourite l


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