What you can do now to prepare for Christmas

By: Oliver Jones Nov 26, 2015 What you can do now to prepare for Christmas Yes, it’s still only November and, no, we don’t want you to get sick of the word Christmas before Advent has even started but there are some serious benefits to getting the festive season on your agenda before it really hits. No matter what kind of Christmas you’re planning there is plenty that you can do now to make sure that it’s not a last minute panicked, pressured affair. Bake a cake/pudding If you’re making your own Christmas cake and puddings this year then now is the time to do it. A good Christmas cake needs to be fed with brandy for several weeks before it’s eaten to have a really festive zing. ‘Stir up Sunday’ is the day on which you should be stirring up that rich Christmas pudding mix – this fell on 23rd November last year so if you’re intending to do home made puddings for 2015 then you need to make them soon. Send out your invites People have a problem with spontaneous fun at


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