How to have a healthy family diet on a budget

By: Oliver Jones Nov 17, 2015 How to have a healthy family diet on a budget Healthy eating is a challenge at the best of times and when you’re restricted by a budget it can be even more difficult. Add into that equation the demands of picky children or a houseful of people on different diets and you could find yourself spending a huge proportion of your monthly income on feeding all those hungry mouths. However, it is possible to make sure that everyone is well fed without leaving your budget seriously depleted – here are a few tips on how to do it. Fruit and veges are a winner No matter what the different diets in your household you can normally please everyone with fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are gluten free, dairy free, they don’t contain animal products and they can be served in a way that everyone can add something to them to create a dish that suits their tastes. They are also cheap if you know how to buy them. Opt for seasonal fruit vegetables as these are


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