Christmas on a Budget

By: Alex Hartley Nov 12, 2015 Christmas on a Budget Dare we say it, Christmas is just around the corner – now that we’re in to November we’re already starting to see the Christmas ads and festive supermarket specials appearing. If Christmas is something that you dread because of the expense of it all then you’re not alone – around half of us worry that we won’t be able to afford to cover the cost of everything from travel tickets to presents, all the food and all the booze. However, you don’t have to completely blow the budget every year at Christmas, there are some simple ways to make savings to enjoy a very festive time on a budget. Budget According to the AA the average adult in the UK spends more than £500 every Christmas on all the components, such as gifts and getting to see the relatives. That’s a lot of cash for a period of three days. Set yourself a limit based on what you can actually afford and make peace of mind this Christmas a gift to yourself. If you’


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