Superfoods that don’t cost a fortune

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed When we think of superfoods, it tends to be in the context of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow (and her lifestyle website Goop), or expensive smoothie mixes that claim to enhance everything from sex life to skin. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to superfoods, as some of the best, and most effective, are right under your nose every time you go to the supermarket. Peanut butter One of the cheapest of superfoods, peanut butter is packed full of resveratrol, which is a plant compound that has impressive anti ageing properties. Research has also shown that peanut butter could have a part to play in reducing insulin sensitivity too. Eat it off a teaspoon or spread it onto your favourite toasted bread. Anchovies When it comes to fish, it’s normally salmon that gets all the superfoods press but salmon can be pricey to buy. Anchovies are also cold water, fatty fish that contain similarly high levels of good Omega-3 fats and are much cheap


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