Do we define ourselves by how we flash the cash?

By: Alex Hartley Oct 19, 2015 Do we define ourselves by how we flash the cash? Money has long been a taboo subject, something that many of us seem to think is an automatic conversational no no. It’s probably not that polite to go around asking everyone how much they earn, how much debt they have and what their assets are – however, there’s no doubt that it is also useful information to have. For example, we recently blogged about how Kanye West – who is now worth millions – once had to borrow to keep the wolf from the door. That kind of information is interesting because it reminds us that we’re all actually very similar, that debt can be a stepping stone and all of us have the potential to reach our financial goals. So, it’s very interesting when the BBC One series, Britain’s Spending Secrets, comes along a shines a bright light on it all. Emotions and spending Britain’s Spending Secrets was hosted by Points of View presenter Anne Robinson and was relentlessly inves


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