Make food shopping go further

By: Oliver Jones Oct 15, 2015 Make food shopping go further Food is something that we all need to live, and it can be a great source of pleasure too, whether you’re cooking for yourself or for other people. We are often told via advertising and brand marketing that to have the best, healthiest, tastiest food you need to pay more but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are some simple ways to make your food go further, save money and still enjoy all the taste too! Eat seasonally The term ‘seasonal food’ is often bandied around on cookery shows and in recipe books and has somehow generated the idea that it’s more expensive. In fact, seasonal produce that is local to the UK will be cheaper than anything that has been imported, as there is more of it and it has not had far to travel. Keeping an eye on what is seasonal – and what grows locally – is a great way to expand your food knowledge and reduce your food bills. During autumn look out for seasonal delights such as pumpkin, kal


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