Little luxuries we Brits won’t do without

By: Alex Hartley Oct 05, 2015 Little luxuries we Brits won’t do without It’s true that we’ve all had to tighten our belts since the recession began in 2008 and many of the products or services we enjoyed on a daily basis before have become fewer and further between. However, life just wouldn’t be the same without a few of life’s little luxuries and it seems that, now that many people have a bit more disposable income, we’re even more willing to find a bit of extra cash for the things that we really love. But what are they? Pets Our little furry friends are costing us a fortune and even when times are tough that doesn’t stop us from making sure that Tiddles or Fido are thoroughly pampered. According to market intelligence firm Euromonitor we will spend more than £4 billion on our pets by the end of the year, with expenses such as exercise classes, designer togs and special food taking up the majority of the cost. As two out of three of us consider a domestic pet to be ‘one of


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