Making your monthly budget work in winter

By: Oliver Jones Oct 01, 2015 Making your monthly budget work in winter Winter can feel like an onerous time for budgeting – with darker, colder days we need more heat and light than in the summertime, plus many of us tend to eat more too. Then there’s the annual wardrobe overall, a good winter coat and that irritating thing that children do of outgrowing their clothes each season and needing an entire new wardrobe. However, no matter what your budget, there are ways to make it work for you this winter. Switch your energy provider Make sure you’re getting the lowest possible prices for your gas and electricity by doing a price comparison online. If there is a better deal out there then make the switch now before the weather really changes – you could save yourself several hundred pounds a year like this. It’s a fact that in any given year only around 20% of homes switch suppliers. Surely it can’t be the case that the 80% who don’t switch are all 100% happy with their supplier


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