How to protect yourself from Fraud

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed Fraudsters want to take what you have worked hard to earn. The scale of fraud will astound you. Not only does it affect individuals, but private, public and charity sectors too. In total it is estimated1 that total loses are around £52bn every year! Of this amount £9.1bn is lost by individuals. So, let’s be clear what fraud is. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as:   Forms of Fraud against Individuals The forms of fraud you are likely to be most conscious of are those typically directed against individuals, although it’s clear that at the end of the day we all pick up the tab for fraud committed against government (they have to recover it through taxes) and private sector companies (they recover it through higher prices). So while fraud is a drag on the economy the most painful form or fraud is that which targets you directly:   Major forms of fraud against individuals Mass-marketing fraud telephone calls, letters, emails, text messages £3.5bn I


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