All about Personal Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Jul 27, 2015 All about Personal Loans Personal loans are one of the most common forms of lending used by people in the UK. But you may be new to the market and perhaps it would be helpful to learn a little more before you decide to apply for one of these loans. With this in mind we’ve prepared a simple guide to personal loans (otherwise known as unsecured loans). Hopefully it will answer any questions you have, but if it doesn’t there is lots more information on our website.  Our calculator tool allows you to estimate the repayments you may be expected to make based on changes to the loan amount and repayment period. You can see the monthly repayments and also the total amount you would need to repay over the life of the loan – useful for budgeting purposes. You can enquire about a personal loan at no cost using our free enquiry service. You’ll then be able to explore loan options without having to commit to a lender. At this point you can get accurate loan offers s


Typical APR for homeowner loans reduced to 11.8 per cent

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed Our homeowner loan broker partner has recently reduced their typical APR from 12.5% to 11.8%. After reassessing the rates actually received by customers they are able to say that two out of three of them receive a rate of 11.8% or lower. Let’s try to put this rate reduction into some kind of perspective. On a typical loan of £28,000 over 10 years you will save around £1,360. Find out more about homeowner loans and if one would suit you.   THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE SECURING OTHER DEBTS AGAINST YOUR HOME. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR OTHER LOAN SECURED ON IT. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF CONSOLIDATING EXISTING BORROWING YOU SHOULD BE AWARE THAT YOU MAY BE EXTENDING THE TERMS OF THE DEBT AND INCREASING THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU REPAY Tags: Category:

Learn the Pros & Cons about Payday Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Jul 20, 2015 Learn the Pros & Cons about Payday Loans Payday loans really hit the headlines in 2014 for all the wrong reasons and you could be forgiven for thinking that they need to be avoided at all costs. However, the market has changed significantly and these days you are far better protected as a borrower than ever before. Our guide explains the new world of payday loans and why you might still want to consider one if you only need cash for a very short term period. If you need to borrow over a number of months then better alternatives exist, and our website includes some of these other options. The cost cap imposed by the FCA now means that a payday loan could compare favourably to charges imposed by a bank for an unauthorised overdraft. You must abide by the agreed repayment terms or you risk incurring extra costs. Using a payday loan may inhibit you obtaining a mortgage in the medium term as it may indicate to a mortgage lender that you are in some form of fi

Your guide to Managing Debt

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed It isn’t just Greece that needs to balance its books and resolve a debt situation – millions of UK people have also spent more than they earn and have run up debts. In fact Greece serves as the perfect example of how not to manage debt (#grexit). As well as the fact that they spent too much their other major error has been to bury their heads in the sand and for too long deny that they had a problem. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.  If you have run up debts and are beginning to feel that it is all becoming too much then what you need is a plan of action – a way of going forward that begins to alleviate your situation and that allows you to progress towards light at the end of the tunnel. So, we’ve put together just such a plan to help you tackle your debts without necessarily having to resort to a debt management plan. The key elements as we see it are: Be honest with yourself Make a budget Prioritise your debts Don’t avoid creditors Consider a d

Watch our guide to Guarantor Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Jul 07, 2015 Watch our guide to Guarantor Loans With guarantor loans gaining popularity in the UK we’ve put together a video guide to how they work. If you’re looking for a personal loan but your credit history is getting you nowhere then you might want to consider if a guarantor loan is right for you instead. These are unsecured loans but rather than rely on your credit score lenders use a guarantor you provide to give them the confidence to lend. If you have a guarantor lined up when you apply then it is still perfectly possible to get your loan paid out quickly. So, you need to find out more about how these loans work and how to find a suitable guarantor. Our video guide will help you decide if one of these loans is right for you. With Solution Loans you get a free-to-use broking service giving you access to numerous guarantor lenders through one enquiry form. Using our technology we’ll give you multiple loan options from lenders who have already accepted your enq