Your guide to managing your credit rating

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 11, 2015 Your guide to managing your credit rating Your credit rating is your passport to obtaining loans and other forms of credit you might want to access in the future. Just as you would carefully look after your real passport you need to carefully monitor your credit file and what it contains. When you seek credit the lender or credit company will view your file and based on what it says will make a judgement on the risk associated with lending to you. Often they they turn the contents into a credit score.  Our guide explains how to manage your file (at the very least you need to make sure the contents are correct) and also how to gradually improve it so your credit score is enhanced. Solution Loans can help you find the credit you need with a number of loan products available when your credit history is not perfect. Tags: credit file, credit rating, guide, how it works, explain Category: credit report


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