Consider 118118 Money for your medium term loan

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 08, 2015 Consider 118118 Money for your medium term loan If you are thinking of a small unsecured loan for up to 2 years but don’t have a perfect credit history then you might want to consider 118118 Money. Their online offering has been around a while but only recently have they become available via our website.  Summary Let’s summarise what they can offer and you can find out more here: Loans of £1000 to £5000 for any purpose Repay over 12, 18 or 24 months There are 3 bands of interest rate. The rate you get is determined by your credit rating the 3 representative APRs are 35.9%, 79.9% and 99.9% You can check to see if you qualify using their “quick check” feature that means that no footprint is left on your credit file There are no hidden charges We also have access to other unsecured loan lenders via our dedicated enquiry form should 118118 Money not be quite what you are looking for, Tags: 118118, money, 118 118 money Category: Personal loans


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