Watch our guide to instalment loans

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 29, 2015 Watch our guide to instalment loans Instalment loans are becoming more and more popular now that payday loans are less available than they used to be. An instalment loan means you can borrow a small amount but repay it over a longer period of time without the risk of roll-over charges that were a major issue with payday loans. But as with all credit it pays to understand the product as much as you can before you enter into any agreement. We’ve put together a video guide to help you understand the main aspects of loans you repay in instalments. Solution Loans is a no-fee online broker that aims to help you identify the best loan solution for your needs. See more at Tags: short term loans, instalment loans, cash Category: instalment loans


Your guide to Car Finance

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 22, 2015 Your guide to Car Finance Specialist car finance has grown rapidly in the UK in recent years and it is claimed that at least 70% of new car purchases are funded this way. The last time you changed your car you may have used cash or perhaps taken out a personal loan. PCP or HP may not mean much to you but if you walk into a showroom now you need to know what the letters mean. The salesman is bound to bring up the subject. What you really need is a simple guide to modern day car finance options. So we’ve prepared one for you.  PCP and HP are additional options for funding your next car. You can still buy the car outright with cash or a personal loan. But on the other PCP in particular allows you to defer the decision to own the car and you can simply make a lower monthly payment to use the car over a set period (e.g. 3 years). At the end of this period you can make a one-off balloon payment to take ownership of the car or hand it back. Our guide explains

Watch our Guide to Logbook Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 16, 2015 Watch our Guide to Logbook Loans If you own a vehicle and need to borrow money for another purpose then one option open to you is a logbook loan. You can secure your new loan against the value of the vehicle. This form of secured borrowing has been around for decades. If your vehicle is worth a considerable amount then potentially it means you can also borrow a large amount as the lender has a valuable asset to use a collateral. However, logbook loans will not always be the the right form of finance. You need to keep in mind that your car or other vehicle is at risk if you fail to keep up repayments. And there may be better value finance available to you. We’ve prepared a video guide to logbook loans to help explain how they work, why you might want to consider one, and what the potential pitfalls are. It’s worth a watch before you dive in. When you use the Solution Loans website you’ll be accessing a fee-free broking service. So, in most cases you’ll ge

Your guide to managing your credit rating

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 11, 2015 Your guide to managing your credit rating Your credit rating is your passport to obtaining loans and other forms of credit you might want to access in the future. Just as you would carefully look after your real passport you need to carefully monitor your credit file and what it contains. When you seek credit the lender or credit company will view your file and based on what it says will make a judgement on the risk associated with lending to you. Often they they turn the contents into a credit score.  Our guide explains how to manage your file (at the very least you need to make sure the contents are correct) and also how to gradually improve it so your credit score is enhanced. Solution Loans can help you find the credit you need with a number of loan products available when your credit history is not perfect. Tags: credit file, credit rating, guide, how it works, explain Category: credit report

Consider 118118 Money for your medium term loan

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 08, 2015 Consider 118118 Money for your medium term loan If you are thinking of a small unsecured loan for up to 2 years but don’t have a perfect credit history then you might want to consider 118118 Money. Their online offering has been around a while but only recently have they become available via our website.  Summary Let’s summarise what they can offer and you can find out more here: Loans of £1000 to £5000 for any purpose Repay over 12, 18 or 24 months There are 3 bands of interest rate. The rate you get is determined by your credit rating the 3 representative APRs are 35.9%, 79.9% and 99.9% You can check to see if you qualify using their “quick check” feature that means that no footprint is left on your credit file There are no hidden charges We also have access to other unsecured loan lenders via our dedicated enquiry form should 118118 Money not be quite what you are looking for, Tags: 118118, money, 118 118 money Category: Personal loans

Your guide to Credit Cards

By: Amanda Gillam Jun 03, 2015 Your guide to Credit Cards The majority of people use credit cards and use them daily for all sorts of purchases. But are you using your credit card in the most efficient way? If you are not careful credit cards can turn your spending into a debt spiral. And if you are not careful you can spiral so deep that you may have little realistic chance of ever paying off your debt. So to avoid this you need to know the “rules” and play by them If you do you can get all the benefits of credit cards without any of the heartache. Our new guide aims to explain how to get the most from your card and how to stay in control of it. You can compare credit card deals on our website, and this includes credit cards that may suit people who have some form of poor credit history. Used wisely a credit card can help improve your credit score, and some cards are specifically created with this in mind. aims to help people find the credit that is right for the