Marmalade – Cars for Young Drivers

By: Amanda Gillam May 29, 2015 Marmalade – Cars for Young Drivers Marmalade, the specialist car finance and insurance company for young drivers, is now available via Solution Loans. If you’re not aware of Marmalade you probably are aware about how expensive it is to buy and insure a car when you’re young. This issue could afflict you right through your early 20’s. Inexperience means that insurance companies load your premiums because they judge you as a higher risk. And to be honest the data says you probably are. To compensate for sky-high insurance permiums it’s tempting to buy a cheaper, older car. But by doing this you’re taking on additional risk – old cars simply aren’t as inherently safe as new car designs. Making Car Driving for Young People Affordable This is where Marmalade’s package of new car and “black-box” insurance steps in. Your insurance costs are reduced by fitting telematics to your car – the so-called “black box” – that monitors your driving and encourages a safe


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