New Video explains the workings of Car Finance

By: Amanda Gillam May 01, 2015 New Video explains the workings of Car Finance With specialist car finance becoming so popular and 75% of new cars being purchased using finance we thought it would be helpful to produce a guide to car finance. Do you know the difference between PCP and HP? What’s a balloon payment? At what point do you get to own your car? Do even need to worry about owning it – perhaps you’d just like to give it back at the end of the contract. These and may other questions are answered in our 5 minute journey around the subject. We’re sure you’ll come out wiser and more prepared. And there’s always more information available on our site. And take advantage of the serviced offered by our car finance partner. provides a fee-free broking service for all your personal credit needs. Use our online tools, guides and videos to help you choose the right loan for you. Tags: car finance, PCP, HP, guide, how it works Category: Car Finance


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