Marmalade – Cars for Young Drivers

By: Amanda Gillam May 29, 2015 Marmalade – Cars for Young Drivers Marmalade, the specialist car finance and insurance company for young drivers, is now available via Solution Loans. If you’re not aware of Marmalade you probably are aware about how expensive it is to buy and insure a car when you’re young. This issue could afflict you right through your early 20’s. Inexperience means that insurance companies load your premiums because they judge you as a higher risk. And to be honest the data says you probably are. To compensate for sky-high insurance permiums it’s tempting to buy a cheaper, older car. But by doing this you’re taking on additional risk – old cars simply aren’t as inherently safe as new car designs. Making Car Driving for Young People Affordable This is where Marmalade’s package of new car and “black-box” insurance steps in. Your insurance costs are reduced by fitting telematics to your car – the so-called “black box” – that monitors your driving and encourages a safe


Welcome Zuto – goodbye CarLoan4U

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed Sometimes companies do more than “what’s on the tin” which is why CarLoan4U has rebranded itself today as Zuto. CarLoan4U has always been more than just about the finance for your next car. They can actually help you find the car and, if you want, help negotiate the deal. On top of that they also help to minimise the paperwork involved. We suspect that down the line they will extend beyond just car finance – with a name like Zuto you can do just about anything! In the meanwhile Zuto remains our preferred car loan and finance partner. Read more about their service and if you like what you see then use them to help you get your next vehicle. We’re very happy to be associated with Zuto and we wish them well as they develop their new name in the market. Perhaps we should give them the last word – watch this video: Tags: Category:

Our fresh guide to Payday Loans

By: Amanda Gillam May 26, 2015 Our fresh guide to Payday Loans Payday loans have been vilified more than just about any other personal finance product ever. Borrowers who should not have been borrowing were. And lenders were targeting those people when they should have behaved more appropriately. The impact of the FCA’s intervention has been dramatic. Both lenders and borrowers have left the market with the number of new loans actually made having fallen by nearly 40%. Lenders are ensuring they only lend to those who can afford to repay the loans, and at the same time are doing so in an environment where their charges are capped by the FCA. The reality is that the industry has cleaned up its act and now performs under the very watchful eye of the FCA. For those people who do need a short term loan to meet an unexpected need then it’s safer to apply now than ever. But don’t be disappointed if your application is declined – it’s simply the lenders protecting you from yourself. May be it

Logbook Loans secured on the value of your vehicle (revised)

Logbook loans allow you to borrow money against the value of your vehicle. Even though the loan is secured against the value of your vehicle you will need to be credit checked. But your cash could still be quickly available. Keep in mind that you risk losing your vehicle if you don’t keep up the repayments, and it is an expensive way to borrow. To get one choose the lender with care; show them you can afford the repayments; provide them with the vehicle’s V5, MOT and insurance documents; show the vehicle to the lender; read the loan agreement carefully! Discover more about logbook loans – and check out the alternatives at

Weekly Wordle – Managing Your Debt

By: Amanda Gillam May 21, 2015 Weekly Wordle – Managing Your Debt Millions of people in the UK have some form of debt whether it be credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts, car finance or similar. If you feel that it is getting on top of you then you need a plan to tackle it. We’ve prepared a guide to help you consider how best to tackle yours. You can read it here. Don’t stick your head in the sand and think that your debt will magically disappear. It won’t. The best thing to do is face it actively and implement the plan. Gradually and with effort you will overcome it. is a personal finance website dedicated to helping you think through some of your needs.  Tags: debt, reduce debt, manage debt Category: Debt

Our new video explains Personal Loans

By: Amanda Gillam May 18, 2015 Our new video explains Personal Loans Personal loans are one of the most common forms of credit used by people. A specific need tends to trigger someone to apply for a personal loan – e.g. replacing a car, starting a business, needing a holiday or an approaching wedding. And these days they seem to be offered by all sorts of organisations such as supermarkets. But there is more to them than simply buying a pint of milk or a loaf of bread. You need to consider your credit worthiness and you need to think about affordability. Our new video guide aims to help you fully understand personal loans so you don’t make any major mistakes. After all they are a much bigger commitment than your weekly shop! You can also read the guide here. As a broker Solution Loans aims to provide you with the tools and information you need so you can make the right choice. And we don’t charge any up-front fees for our service, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Enquire today. Tags: un