Read our new Guide to Instalment Loans

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed We recently launched a series of personal finance guides each one focusing on a different type of product. The first one we wanted to focus on was that for Instalment Loans. You can read the full guide here but it is worth summarising the key points: They are an evolution of payday loans and for loans up to 12 months long they are regulated the same was as a payday loan You can typically borrow £100 to £2000 and repay over a number of months (typically up to 12 months) Compared to standard unsecured loans they are still an expensive way to borrow Using them can impact on your ability to get other credit in the future – using one could indicate your finances are out of balance. So, use these loans with care. There are cheaper sources of short term lending – try our QuickStart tool to discover which.   Solution Loans is a no-fee broker – come and see how we could help you. Tags: Category:


Watch how a logbook loan could help you

By: Amanda Gillam Apr 27, 2015 Watch how a logbook loan could help you If you don’t want to be credit checked for your next loan then you could consider a loan secured on your vehicle – otherwise known as a logbook loan. Depending on the value of your vehicle you could borrow a large sum of money. But be careful as you could risk losing it if you don’t keep up repayments. Watch our explainer video to find out more. You can also read the transcript of the view here. Solution Loans is a “no fee” broker dedicated to helping you find the loan you need. We offer a wide range of guides, explainer videos and tools to help you narrow down your options. Visit our homepage today. Tags: loan secured on car, logbook loans, v5 loans Category: Logbook loans

Weekly Wordle – Homeowner Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Apr 13, 2015 Weekly Wordle – Homeowner Loans If you own your home then a homeowner loan could allow you to borrow a larger sum at a better rate than using an unsecured loan. Read our guide to find out more. Solution Loans also provides access to many other types of loan product. Visit our website to discover your loan options. Tags: secured loans, homeowner loans Category: Homeowner loans

Watch how doorstep loans could provide the cash you need

By: Amanda Gillam Apr 09, 2015 Watch how doorstep loans could provide the cash you need If you need a little cash to get you through the next few months then a doorstep loan may be worth considering. This video explains how doorstep loans work and why one might be right for you. Read the full video transcript here. Solution Loans offers access to a wide range of loans so visit our website to find out more. Tags: doorstep loans, home credit, cash Category: Doorstep loans

Weekly Wordle – Guarantor Loans

By: Amanda Gillam Apr 07, 2015 Weekly Wordle – Guarantor Loans Guarantor loans may help you obtain the unsecured credit you want. Our no-fee service means we could find a number of lenders who could offer you a guarantor loan. Try it today – you won’t be disappointed. You can also discover other loan options at the Solution Loans website. Tags: guarantor loans, bad credit, unsecured loan Category: Guarantor loans