Solution Loans – Your Fee-Free Broker

By: Amanda Gillam Mar 16, 2015 Solution Loans – Your Fee-Free Broker You need a loan, but what you don’t need are any fees. Correct? Then welcome to Solution Loans. We’re an online-only broker who aims to help you find the loan you need but without charging you any fees for our service. You should be very suspicious of any broker who charges you a fee before taking your enquiry (!) and in many situations you shouldn’t have to pay a broker a fee if you actually take out the loan. No Fees At Solution Loans we have never charged up-font fees for handling enquiries and we are working hard with our lenders to minimise or even remove fees from loans actually taken. Our principle is to keep our costs low and to pass those savings onto you. What we’ve done instead is to develop tools, guides and videos to help explain the options you may have. Then you’ll be able to make the choice that you feel is right for you. There’s more information here about how we generate our income. Video Using the


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