Guarantor Loans For Non Homeowners

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed Given the current financial climate, many lenders have begun to drift towards prioritising secured loans to reduce the risk that they are exposed to. This is an option for anyone who is in a position to offer security (such as a property) against the balance of the loan but where does it leave people who are non homeowners? If your credit rating is less than ideal, you may find that a guarantor loan can be a great alternative to a more risky secured loan and may even represent your only affordable option. Offering the ability to borrow up to £12,000 over 1 to 7 years and the APR, although considerably higher than the High Street standard, is significant lower than nearly all other current forms of ‘bad credit loan’ such as a payday loan. Alternative to Payday Loans It is important to fully consider the ramifications of taking out a loan because although the interest rates are manageable, you really must enter into the agreement that you are looking to s


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