A Beginners Guide To Guarantor Loans

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed A guarantor loan offers a credible solution for anyone who has either a poor credit rating or no credit rating who would like to secure a loan. Whilst there are a variety of ‘bad credit loans’ available within the UK today, many of these loans have extremely high APRs and can often lead to more financial difficulties than they solve. The guarantor loan though enables customers, who have a good character and willingness to pay, the opportunity to raise a loan should they need one without having to risk their financial future to do it. Why Were Guarantor Loans Created? It is not without irony that given the current financial climate, many of the people who most need credit are the ones who are least likely to get it. Until fairly recently, if borrowers with a poor credit history were lucky enough to secure a loan, they would more than likely be charged a higher rate for the privilege. The creation of the guarantor loan has helped to level the playing fiel


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