Top 5 Tips For Rebuilding Your Credit Rating

Oct 13, 2014 Blog RSS feed We often hear the comparison that taking steps to repair your credit rating is like going on a fitness push. Although it takes some time, if you work hard and stick to it, you can achieve your goals. Ideally speaking, the most effective way to manage a credit rating is to ensure that it does not become too poor in the first place. Obviously, this is not always possible and if you need to take steps to get things moving in the right direction, try the 5 tips that we have highlighted below. Tip 1: Check Your Credit Report The first step towards repairing a poor credit rating always begins with a thorough check of your credit report. Although it may cost a few pounds, it is not too expensive and a visit to one of the credit checking agencies such as Experian should be your first port of call. Your credit report contains all of the information which is factored in to calculate your score and although unlikely, it is possible that it may contain errors. It is of


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