3 Top Tips For Choosing a Guarantor

Guarantor loans can be the saviour for anyone struggling to get a loan from a bank or a building society.

There are a variety of reasons why banks are more choosey regarding who they lend to now but more often than not, a bad credit rating will be more than enough reason for the computer to say no once the application is submitted.


5 Steps to a Better Credit Rating

Having a bad credit rating can prove to be a millstone around our necks. Closing the doors on much of the cheaper credit currently available, the credit which is available will prove to be more expensive and in some cases, quite a risky proposition.

What can be done to halt the free fall into the credit rating abyss and return your rating to the levels of its former glory?

Below we have identified 5 proven steps which can be followed to get things back to the level that they should be.

Fast Decision For An Instant Loan

We have all found ourselves in the position of needing a quick answer at some point in our lives. This can be particularly important when it comes to finance.

If you find yourself in the position where you have found the perfect car but the seller will only hold it for 24 hours, jumping through the hoops and cutting through the red tape with your bank or building society can be both tedious and ultimately a waste of time.

Fortunately some innovative lenders have seized the opportunity to cut down the application process to make sure that once granted, the balance of the loan can be transferred the account of the applicant within a matter of minutes.

3 No Credit Check Loans That You Must See

Are you desperately in need of a new loan? Do you believe that your credit rating will be a problem? If so, do not panic, there are a number of options out there for you, all of which tick the full range of financial boxes.

Why Guarantor Loans are Better than Secured Loans

A combination of High Street lenders who are wary to lend and the recent recession has seen a definitive shift the UK lending market.

As the considerable majority of banks and high-street lenders significantly tightened their lending criteria, resulting in a refusal to lend to anyone with a blemish on their credit rating, innovative lenders begun to think of new and creative ways to offer loans.