Top 5 Alternatives to a Payday Loan

You would have to have been living on the moon recently not to have seen all of the negatively publicity surrounding the dreaded ‘payday loan’!

Whilst lenders may try to convince that they are only supplying a demand, there can be no doubt that they can prove to be very expensive and even dangerous if not used correctly.


Refused Credit – What Are Your Options?

The scene is all too common at the moment. You submit a loan application to a bank or building society but because you have a black mark against your credit report, the application gets declined.

Whilst even at the best of times this is not a good thing, if you are struggling financially and are seeking a life line, having a credit application refused can be absolutely devastating.

How to Borrow Money with a Bad Credit Rating?

There can be little doubt that having a bad crediting rating currently makes borrowing more difficult and more expensive.

However, this is not to say that all borrowing doors are now closed. With a little homework and a strong will against TV advertising, you will soon find that there are still some affordable options out there.


What has happened to all of the trust? Whereas successfully applying for a loan used to be as easy as 1-2-3, nowadays unless you can tick all of the boxes with your current credit rating and history, the chances are you will find obtaining a loan from a High Street lender almost impossible.

There are now a huge number of people based in the UK who are excluded from the very best loan deals because they are viewed as too great a risk by lenders.

What To Look For in the Perfect Guarantor?

Stuck in a financial hole? Poor credit rating? Don’t fancy the idea of a payday loan? An ever increasing number of people tick all of those boxes above and are looking for a new way to gain some financial respite.

Guarantor loans are rapidly becoming the go to loan for people who find themselves with limited credit options and once you do a little homework it is not difficult to work out why.

Are Guarantor Loans Better Than Logbook Loans?

If times are tough and you need a little financial assistance, the current range of credit options is light years away from what was available previously.

Whereas having a poor credit rating a few years ago would have left you out in the financial cold, a whole host of specialist ‘bad credit loans’ such as payday loans, logbook loans, guarantor loans and no credit check loans are now available.